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Experience in Consumer Products

Mainly focused on providing development and operational troubleshooting services for high volume and complex consumer products, including their sub-components, manufacturing processes and inherent raw materials

Examples of Project Work

  • C and D size manganese alkaline battery cell seal optimisation
  • Lithium cell seal optimisation
  • Internal insulators and electrical stress relief coating
  • Zinc-air battery insulators
  • Label materials and adhesives
  • Plastics formulation for special applications
  • Internal flame retardant systems
  • Flexible printed circuit board materials development for internal control of rechargeable batteries
  • Overload protection (passive and active) systems development
  • Deep drawing and injection molding troubleshooting
  • Novel food wrap cling film development
  • Improved moisture barrier materials – food packaging
  • Improved clarity materials
  • Label fastness
  • Easy opening feature development

Working with companies such as:

  • Duracell
  • Nabisco Brands
  • Alcoa (Reynolds)
  • and others